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  • Dr. Ness on taking Awake Tummy Tuck with tumescent anesthesia with Dr. Sharma

    Dr. Sharma was excellent and provided constant supervision during procedures with diligent and non-stop infusion of knowledge. I highly recommend Dr. Sharma and the ASOCP. -Dr. Ness

  • Dr. Park on Comprehensive Fat Grafting Workshop with Dr. Tom

    It was a very rich workshop with lots of hands-on experience with fat grafting and liposuction.  It gave me confidence in these procedures.  Dr. Walter Tom is a great teacher; his instruction is very easy to follow and customized to the individual doctor’s level.  He shares his experiences with colleagues.  I really appreciate his personal and professional approach.  I highly recommend the workshop for any level Cosmetic Physician. -Dr. Park

  • Dr. Crichlow on TUBA Workshop with Dr. Patino

    I serve on the faculty of the ASOCP with Dr. Patino and I've had the privilege of participating in his 1st TUBA workshop. Dr. Patino is an excellent surgeon as well as an excellent person. He has a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of experience in the Surgical field. Beyond, TUBA, you will have access to an extensive resource which can further your skill set and surgical judgement. Additionally, his certified Surgical Suite sets industry standards from which you can learn. I am grateful for my time there and for my relationship with Dr. Patino

  • Great atmosphere and variety
    Great atmosphere and variety

    Great atmosphere and variety.  Thank you for all the learning opportunities and offers for future support and fellowship!

  • Great meeting!
    Great meeting!

    Great meeting!  The staff and location are great.  I enjoy the smaller meetings as it allows for more interactive discussions and allows for better learning

  • Great Conference!

    "I look forward for more products and things to come.”  

  • Overall great conference!

    “Loved the panel discussion and opportunity for Q/A”

  • nothing was unanswered.

    This was an excellent meeting, nothing was unanswered.

  • A lot of new information

    A lot of new information- very knowledgeable presenters

  • comprehensive conference

    Very comprehensive conference and very well organized with good schedule/ time management.

  • very informative

    Excellent speakers, very informative.

  • Wow!

    Amazing conference! Wow!

  • Excellent conference, well organized, highly productive

    Excellent conference, well organized, highly productive. Looking forward to returning next year.

  • worth time and money spent

    Very informative conference, worth time and money spent

  • Fantastic Conference!

    “Excellent conference, well organized, highly productive. Looking forward to returning next year.”

  • Great meeting.

    Great meeting. Look forward to next years.

  • Kudos! I learned a lot!

    It’s great to see things in the doctors point of view, which help me to make changes on how I perceive some medical ideas, methods and issues. The meeting helped me to think about better ways to improve the care that I give to patients I deal with. Overall, the meeting was interesting. It was a wonderful learning experience. Kudos! I learned a lot!

  • Dr. Yune on taking Dr. Hailparn and Dr. Eisenberg workshops
    Dr. Yune on taking Dr. Hailparn and Dr. Eisenberg workshops

    I had an excellent experience with both workshops. The surgeons were welcoming and truly passionate about their work. I would recommend both courses to anyone interested.

  • Dr. Dryden on the ASOCP

    ASOCP in particular is composed of a very friendly group of of doctors. The information offered; exclusively for CAVS (Congress of Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery) is extremely resourceful. The Annual Meeting is excellent year after year. Topics are current and the speakers experts within the field

  • Dr. Comeau on ASOCP

    I have been seeking and craving this mentorship that the ASOCP provides. It was a reassuring feeling to know that I finally found an organization with experts in the field with such a willingness to share and teach what they have an incredible passion for.

  • Dr. Tom on ASOCP

    Education without barriers...This is the epitome of ethical medial knowledge. No matter who and what specialty you represent, the ASOCP is one of the best platforms for learning cosmetic medicine and surgery.

  • Excellent Conference

    Excellent Conference, glad to be part of it.  

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Accreditation and Designation Statements* Live Surgery Symposium – DATE: TBA Chattanooga, TN This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education…

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