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Laser Liposuction and Facial Fat Grafting

Call for Availability Instructor: Tom, Walter, MD Fee: $4995

Facial Fat Grafting is one of the most rewarding and artistic procedures we can offer our patients. Dr. Fournier, one of the pioneers of facial fat grafting has been often quoted; “A millimeter of difference in the face can lead to a kilometer of change in the heart.” Examples of this truth will be shared. Visual examples of actual patients and their facial aging due to volume deflation will be presented with an emphasis on specific key anatomic areas. If you do not perform facial fat grafting, I hope to convince you to adopt this most gratifying procedure to your practice


    • 7:00am Registration, Welcome and Breakfast
    • 7:30am History of the Procedure "How it Got Started and By Whom
    • 7:45am The Overview: Office Based Liposuction and Facial Fat Grafting Using Local Tumescent Anesthesia
    • 8:00am Anatomy Review "Break it Down"
    • 8:10am Identifying Potential Patient/Consent and Exam
    • 8:20am Patient Preparation and Pre-Operative Medication
      • Local tumescent anesthesia preparation
      • Identifying safe limits of lidocaine and side effects
    • 8:45am Patient Markings
      • Fat deposits (topography format) and key to pre/post operative photography
    • 9:15am Morning Break (food and drinks available)
    • 9:30am First Case of Live Surgery with Hands-On Opportunity
      • Upper and lower abdomen
      • Room setup, instrument selection and layout, surgical dressing
      • Local tumescent infiltration using infiltration cannula or spinal needles
      • Aspiration methods utilizing SAL and/or PAL
    • 12:30pm Working Lunch (food and drinks available)
      • Recovery, post operative treatment and potential complications involving touch-up
    • 1:30pm Second Live Surgery with Hands-On Opportunity
      • Upper and lower abdomen with flanks (beginning liposuction)
    • 5:00pm Overall Review, Q&A
    • 6:00am Adjourn
    • 7:30pm Dinner
    • 7:00am Breakfast
    • 7:30am Live Facial Fat Grafting (re-injection patients)
    • 10:30am Live Surgery with Hands-On Opportunity
      • One case both upper and lower abdomen with flank and facial fat grafting
    • 1:00pm Working Lunch
      • Business model for implementing liposuction into your practice
      • Marketing this cosmetic procedure into your practice both internally and externally
      • Establishing a fee schedule for the procedure
      • Malpractice considerations
      • Instrument selection and O/R set-up, costs of getting started
      • Discussing physical space requirements: ideal set up of your suite
    • 2:00pm Live Surgery with Hands-On Opportunity: Laser Liposuction with Facial Fat Grafting
    • 5:00pm Managing Patients Who are Challending and Unsatisfied with the Results
      • Overall review, question and answer session
    • 5:30pm Adjourn



    Tom, Walter, MD

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Walter Tom founded the Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers in 1999. Our mission statement is to improve patients’ self confidence by enhancing…


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    Aesthetic Laser and Vein Center 70 Stony Point Road Santa Rosa, CA 95401 California Tel: 707-542-8346
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    • Hyatt Vineyard Creek & Spa 170 Railroad Square, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 California Tel: 707-284-1234

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