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Laser Liposuction

Date: Jan 26 2017 - Jan 27 2017 Call for Availability Instructor: Johnson, Kevin, MD, FACOS, FAACS, FACS Fee: $4995

The didactic portion along with the clinical hands-on exposure will allow attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. The format used in this activity is an effective method for knowledgeable physicians to expand their surgical abilities safely.


  • DAY 1:
    • 9:00am Registration and Welcome
    • 9:25am History of the Procedure

      “How it Got Started and By Whom”

    • 9:45am The Overview:

      Office-based Liposuction Using Local Tumescent Anesthesia

    • 10:00am Anatomy Review

      “Break it down”

    • 10:15am Patients:

      Procedural Candidates, Patient Consents and Patient Exam

    • 11:00am Patient Preparation & Preoperative Meds
    • 11:10am Patient Markings

      Identifying Fat Deposits (topography format)

    • 11:30am Local Tumescent Anesthesia Preparation
    • 12:00pm Lidocaine

      Identifying Safe Limits and Side Effects

    • 12:15pm Keys to Pre/Postoperative Photography
    • 12:45pm Operating Room and Supplies

      Procedure Room Set-up, Instrument Selection and Layout, Surgical Dressing

    • 1:15pm Tumescent Anesthesia Infiltration

      Infiltration using Spinal Needles Or Infiltration Cannulas

    • 1:45pm Hands-On Case #1
    • 3:00pm Working Lunch
      • Aspiration methods
      • Postoperative Discussion
      • Potential complications
    • 3:45pm Hands-On Case #2
    • 7:00pm Q&A and Review
    • 8:00pm Adjourn
  • DAY 2:
    • 9:00am Case Presentation

      Tips and Pearls

    • 9:30am Hands-On Cases #3 and #4
    • 2:00pm Working Lunch

      Case Reviews
      Question & Answer

    • 3:00pm Malpractice Considerations
    • 3:30pm Introducing Liposuction in Your Practice

      Business model for Liposuction implementation

    • 4:00pm Marketing

      Internally and externally marketing Liposuction for your practice

    • 5:15pm Establishing a Fee Schedule for Liposuction
    • 5:45pm Your Liposuction Suite

      Physical space requirements and your ideal set-up

    • 6:00pm Costs of Getting Started

      Procedure room set-up and equipment
      Instrument selections

    • 6:30pm Patient Management

      Challenging and Unsatisfied Patients

    • 7:00pm Course Review and Q/A
    • 8:00pm Course Adjournment



  • Event Address

    Advanced Aesthetics 608 NW Blvd., St 301 , Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 Idaho Tel: (208) 676-8346
  • Suggested Hotels

    • Coeur d'Alene Resort 115 S 2nd St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 Idaho Tel: (800) 688-5253

      Corporate Code: 1616
      Please contact Dr Johnson's office directly to obtain more information on hotel discounts.

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