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Liposuction and Fat Grafting

Call for Availability Instructor: Zimmerman, Edward M.,MD Fee: $1,500

Participants must have documented Liposuction experience


  • DAY 1
    • 9:00am Breakfast and Registration
    • 9:30am Lecture With Slide Show Of:
      1. Historical Highlights
      2. Patient Evaluation and Selection
      3. Patient Preparation/Pre-Operative Markings
      4. Tumescent Solution (review)
      5. Infiltration Technique (review)
      6. Harvesting Technique
      7. Graft Preparation
      8. Grafting Technique
      9. Breast Augmentation w/Autologous Fat
      10. Buttock Augmentation w/Autologous Fat
      11. Post-Operative Care/Dressings
      12. Complications and Management
      13. Current Guidelines for Fat Transfer
      14. Resources and Suggested Reading
    • 10:30am Patient Preparation
    • 11:00am Infiltration of Prepped Areas
    • 11:30am Liposuction and Liposculpture
    • 12:45pm Fat Transfer To Needed Areas
    • 1:45pm Q/A and Course Review
    • 3:00pm Course Adjournment


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