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TransUmbilical Breast Augmentation

Date: Dec 06 2018 - Dec 07 2018 Instructor: Patino MD, Gabriel H. Fee: $4,995.00

Since 1991, the “belly button approach” to breast augmentation has been used to improve cosmetic results and reduce recovery time. Dr. Patino is one of the few surgeons who are specially trained in the technique formally known as TransUmbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA).

For TransUmbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA), a small incision is made on the inside edge of the navel. A tunnel is then created through the subcutaneous fat that rests above the abdominal muscles, and a pocket is made in the breast area for the implant. The empty implant is connected to a special filling tube and pushed through the tunnel to the pocket before being filled with sterile saline solution. The valve on the implant is designed to seal completely when the fill tube is removed.

This workshop with the TransUmbilical technique will give you more than just the necessary take home skills.  This Breast Augmentation Workshop will offer hands-on experience, tumescent guidance and superior technique teachings.  Pre-Requisites required. *Hands-on available only to physicians with unrestricted California medical licences.


I serve on the faculty of the ASOCP with Dr. Patino and I had the privilege of participating in his 1st TUBA workshop.

Dr. Patino is an excellent surgeon as well as an excellent person. He has a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of experience in the Surgical field. Beyond, TUBA, you will have access to an extensive resource which can further your skill set and surgical judgement. Additionally, his certified Surgical Suite sets industry standards from which you can learn.

I am grateful for my time there and for my relationship with Dr. Patino

Dr. Gregory Crichlow


I had the pleasure of taking the T.U.B.A ( trans umbilical breast augmentation) course with Dr. Gabriel Patino in El Cerrito, California on April 2016. The course was very complete starting with didactics and followed by clinical instructions and observation of live cases.

Dr. Patino and staff had created a very professional, informative and hospitable environment. By the end of the course one would feel comfortable of implementing this procedure into their practice. I highly recommend this course to physicians interested.

Dr. Kamran Khazaei


The American Society of Cosmetic Physician sponsored workshop is very interactive.  Dr. Gabriel Patino is very passionate and we all shared knowledge with each other.  We performed 4 Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) cases together at the Cosmetic Surgery Center of El Cerrito and I learned a lot from his meticulous technique.  I think this is a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery, especially in cosmetic surgery of the breasts.  It is a great opportunity for the patients in San Francisco and Bay Area.

Dr. Son Nguyen


    • 7:00am Registration, Welcome and Breakfast
    • 7:25am History of the TUBA procedure
    • 7:45am Office Based TUBA under Tumescent Anesthesia: The Overview
    • 8:00am Anatomy: Overview and Review
    • 8:15am Identifying Potential Patients, Consents and Exams
    • 9:00am Patient Preparation and Pre-Operative Medications
    • 9:10am Patient Markings
    • 9:30am Modified Klein Tumescent Anesthesia Preparation
    • 10:00am Identifying Safe Limits of Lidocaine and Side Effects
    • 10:15am Keys to Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Photography
    • 10:45am Room Set-Up, Instrument Selection and Layout of Surgical Drapes
    • 11:15am Infiltration of Modified Klein Tumescent Anesthesia
    • 11:45am Working Lunch
      • TUBA Under General Anesthesia vs. Tumescent Anesthesia
      • Potential Risks and Complications
    • 1:00pm Live Surgery #1 with Hands-on Opportunity
      • TUBA Using Tumescent Anesthesia
    • 4:00pm Day 1 Review, Q&A Session
    • 5:00pm Adjourn
    • 7:00am Working Breakfast: Case Presentation Tips & Pearls
    • 7:30am Live Surgery #2 with Hands-on Opportunity
      • TUBA using Tumescent Anesthesia
        • possible 3rd case of time permits
    • 12:00pm Working Lunch
      • Case(s) Review
      • Q&A
    • 1:00pm Considerations for Malpractice
    • 1:30pm Implementing a Business Model for TUBA In You Practice
    • 2:00pm Marketing for TUBA; Internal and External Keys
    • 3:15pm Establishing a Fee Schedule for the Procedure
    • 3:45pm What O/R Setup Works Best For You?
      • Physical space requirements and efficiency of your layout for you O/R suite
    • 4:00pm Managing Patient Expectations
      • Recognizing challenging patients
      • Dealing with patients who are unsatisfied with the results
      • How to say No to a patient- turning away a patient
    • 4:30pm Overall Course Review, Q/A
    • 5:00pm Adjourn



  • Event Address

    The Claremont Hotel Club and Spa 41 Tunnel Road California Tel: 800-551-7266
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