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ASOCP Membership

Membership into the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians is not exclusive to physicians or those only performing cosmetic medicine. Membership into the ASOCP is for any licensed physician or extender who is truly passionate about their education in cosmetic medicine. No matter your experience level, you will become part of a society that suits your needs. Gain access to others within your specialty and learn about their journey into Cosmetic Medicine. ASOCP is your Society and we are the largest Society dedicated to teaching elective procedures to all licensed physicians.

Membership Category

  • Physician (MD, DO, DDS, DMD) - $500

    Physician (MD, DO, DDS, DMD) - $500

    • holds a genuine interest in maintaining and encouraging the mission of the ASOCP
    • holds a current and unrestricted license
    • performs or is interested in cosmetic medicine
    • MD, DO, DDS, DMD
  • Member (Non-Physician) - $250

    Member (Non-Physician) - $250

    • holds a genuine interest in maintaining and encouraging the mission of the ASOCP
    • performs or is interested in offering services related to cosmetic medicine
    • non-physician (all nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, office managers, estheticians, and support staff)
  • Resident - $N/C

    Resident - $N/C

    • holds a current and unrestricted license
    • currently participating in a residency or fellowship program
    • holds a genuine interest in maintaining and encouraging the mission of the ASOCP
    • MD, DO, DDS, DMD

Benefits Of Members

  • Certificate of Membership

    Don't just say you're a member, show them you're a member

  • Discount on all ASOCP sponsored education

    Because continued education is important, stay informed for a discount on all workshops and Annual Meetings

  • Certification of Completion on ASOCP workshops

    Receive a certificate that shows you have completed CME accredited educational credits on a particular subject

  • Use of the ASOCP logo

    Members will receive the right to use the ASOCP logo.

  • Clinical or Difficult Case Submissions

    Submit clinical questions or case reviews for expert feedback and discussion

  • CME Credits on most ASOCP sponsored events

  • "Dr. Dryden on the ASOCP"

    ASOCP in particular is composed of a very friendly group of of doctors. The information offered; exclusively for CAVS (Congress of Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery) is extremely resourceful. The Annual Meeting is excellent year after year. Topics are current and the speakers experts within the field

    Dr. Dryden
  • "Dr. Comeau on ASOCP"

    I have been seeking and craving this mentorship that the ASOCP provides. It was a reassuring feeling to know that I finally found an organization with experts in the field with such a willingness to share and teach what they have an incredible passion for.

    Dr. Comeau
  • "Dr. Tom on ASOCP"

    Education without barriers…This is the epitome of ethical medial knowledge. No matter who and what specialty you represent, the ASOCP is one of the best platforms for learning cosmetic medicine and surgery.

    Dr. Tom
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