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  • Political Strength

    Political Strength

    Political strength among the practicing cosmetic physician. The most important information you can receive will come from colleagues within the field.

  • Certificate of  ASOCP Membership

    Certificate of ASOCP Membership

    Certificate of Membership.
    Don't just say you're a member, show them you're a member

  • Great Discounts

    Great Discounts

    Discount on all ASOCP sponsored education.
    Because continued education is important, stay informed for a discounts on all workshops, symposiums and Annual Meeting.

  • CME credits

    CME credits

    CME credit on most ASOCP sponsored events.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Certificate of Completion

    Certification of Completion on ASOCP workshops.
    Receive a certificate that shows you have completed a CME accredited educational event on a particular subject.

  • Approved ASOCP Logo Use

    Approved ASOCP Logo Use

    Use of the ASOCP logo.
    Members will receive access for the use of the ASOCP logo.

  • Stay-Up-to-Date


    Updates regarding new monthly events. Receive emails and mailers on upcoming workshops and events so you can stay informed.

  • Social Networking

    Social Networking

    Collaboration between members and the community through Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Sponsors info

    Sponsors info

    Access to our Company Directory where you will find companies who are innovating in the field.

  • Member Directory

    Member Directory

    Your name and practice listed in our Member Directory

  • Member Questions/Expert Answers

    Member Questions/Expert Answers

    Submit your clinical questions and have the experts answer

  • Clinical Case Review

    Clinical Case Review

    Submit difficult cases for advice or typical cases for review and critique

  • "Dr. Dryden on the ASOCP"

    ASOCP in particular is composed of a very friendly group of of doctors. The information offered; exclusively for CAVS (Congress of Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery) is extremely resourceful. The Annual Meeting is excellent year after year. Topics are current and the speakers experts within the field

    Dr. Dryden
  • "Dr. Comeau on ASOCP"

    I have been seeking and craving this mentorship that the ASOCP provides. It was a reassuring feeling to know that I finally found an organization with experts in the field with such a willingness to share and teach what they have an incredible passion for.

    Dr. Comeau
  • "Dr. Tom on ASOCP"

    Education without barriers…This is the epitome of ethical medial knowledge. No matter who and what specialty you represent, the ASOCP is one of the best platforms for learning cosmetic medicine and surgery.

    Dr. Tom
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